Moon Mite
Moon Mite
General Information
Locomotion Quadrapedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe DuckTales Universe

The Moon Mite is a creature native to the Moon in DuckTales Universe.

Biology Edit

Giant green mite-like creatures that live on the Moon. Possessing four eyes and four limbs, they feed on metal to survive. Since metal is scare on the surface, they mostly live in the interior. They can secrete a highly corrosive pea spit that can instantly dissolve metal into a liquid form so they can feed. On top of their eyes, Moon Mites have antennae that glow directing them to the presence of food.

Appearances Edit

  • DuckTales: Season 2: Episode 7: "What Ever Happened To Della Duck?!" (2019)
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