Montigue was an arion lawkeeper in Firefall.

History Edit

Montigue was one of the flying air corpsmen. While on patrol over Mure, on his giant bird was shot down by Jacob Rowlin's and Terasel's crude rockets.

Surviving the crash he attempted to arrest the pair for their attack on an officer of the law. However due to the noise he made, the carnivorous vines targeted and dragged him off. He was saved by Jacob, but was ungrateful to his savior embittered by Jacob's part in stranding him on Mure. He noted Terasel lack of shame and nudity to which he charged her for indecent exposure. After he was brought to the Lily People, he continued to note various infractions of the law committed by the gentle tribe of nudists.

However he was rocked out of his angry stupor when he was informed of the survival of the willots. He was horrified to learn that a cannibalistic tribe also illegally living on the premises and were close to wiping out the willots. The arion explained the history and legal status of Mure. The willots were regarded as extinct to the outside and Mure was considered as a memorial to them. He added that with this new revelation all inhabitants, excluding the willots would have to be forcibly relocated.

To solve this problem, Jacob negotiated with the willots and Lily People to allow the willots to grant the Lily People permission to live on Mure. Montigue acted as a third party, signing of the treaty and agreed to take Jacob to his superior to rid Mure of the Tower People.

Using Jacob's home-made glider they gentled glided down to the surface however the frame brought during the initial landing injuring them both. The two survived and managed to reach the officer's headquarters which responded to send troops to evict the Tower People off Mure.

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