""If I was to describe my experience exactly, I should say this: there was a dry, light, rustling sound all over the room as I went in, and then (you remember it was perfectly dark) something seemed to rush at me, and there was — I don’t know how to put it — a sensation of long thin arms, or legs, or feelers, all about my face, and neck, and body. Very little strength in them, there seemed to be, but Spearman, I don’t think I was ever more horrified or disgusted in all my life, that I remember: and it does take something to put me out. I roared out as loud as I could, and flung away my candle at random, and, knowing I was near the window, I tore at the curtain and somehow let in enough light to be able to see something waving which I knew was an insect’s leg, by the shape of it: but, Lord, what a size! Why the beast must have been as tall as I am. And now you tell me sawflies are an inch long or less. What do you make of it, Spearman?’"

The Monstrous Sawfly is a Being that appears in M.R james 1919 book "The Residence At Whitminister" , It could be seen as the Main Antagonist of the book.

History Edit

The Monstrous Sawfly is supposed to represent Beelzebub, which most of the time is called "lord of the flies". In the Story it is In a type of Cabinet as it Spawns flies similar to Crane flies . The Beings true form is beyond the countless Dimensions of M.R James world.

Appearance Edit

Like what the name suggest it appears as a Giant Sawfly, But some sources Suggest it appears as a Cynipid Wasp, Its True-Form is Unbound to dimensions, But it still has the Similar Sawfly Appearance. The Beings minions have a similar appearance to Crane flies, just smaller and red in color.

Crane Flies Edit

Like said before, the Giant Sawflies minions are small Crane Fly like creatures, They appear more than the Sawfly itself and seem to be very aggressive, But since there small stature, they can be beaten off by conventional tools.

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