General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Valiant Universe

The Monomen are an alien race that appear in the Valiant Universe.


The Monomen are slender humanoids, bone-washed skin, tendril like spine curls flowing from their scalp and triple-eye vision.


The Monomen led by Spiro came to the planet Gorin in search of an artifact that was discovered to be in the hands of the Azure Nation. The Azure Emperor seeing these advanced aliens sought to use them as a means to wipe away the Burnt Nation without implicating his people. He agreed to give them the artifact and in return they committed one of their Monoliths to attack the Burnt lands. The attack forced many of the Burnt to seek refuge in the Azure lands, however refused to submit to the Azure Emperor, thus giving the despot a reason to wipe out the Burnt and make his race the supreme power on Gorin.

However General Aric of Dacia, sought to end the conflict peacefully after learning that an outside force was driving the Burnt to desperation. The emperor's plans unravelled after a failed assassination attempt on the Earthman and his allies failed. The Monomen upon realzing that the emperor never intended to honor his word attack in force with a fleet of their ships.

Aric committed to protecting his newfound people, led his army to board one of the Monoliths, disarming its crew after the surrendered. Using his Armor he hacked into the Monolith's system's and caused a chain reaction that caused the Monomen's fleet to crash on Gorin.

Seeing defeat at hand Spiro surrendered but offered the reason for his people's attack. Now with a common enemy, Aric and his army joined forces with the Monomen to depose the Azure Emperor.

After the Azure Emperor was dethroned, the Aric returned their artifact to them which turned out to be a stone from the Azure Palace.


According to Spiro they believe themselves to be technologically superior and yet practical. Their technology seems to use harmonic oscillation to operate.


  • X-O Manwar 007 (2017)
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