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The Mondoshawan are a peaceful and ancient sapient race from planet Mondoshedda which appear to be similar in anatomical structure to grounded avians.


Inside Mondoshawan Spaceship

Little is known of their biology, only that they wear metal suits and that inside them they stand at roughly 7 ft tall (~ 2.13 meters). Although these suits appear bulletproof (at least from small arms fire) it may hinder them somewhat as when they move about they can only amble slowly.

Culture and society[]


Mondoshawan vessel landing in Egypt 1914

They act as guardians of the universe, protecting the Fifth Element from those who would destroy it for five thousand years. They await the arrival of "Evil" (an apparently sentient and sapient living planetoid that is conventionally indestructible, which seeks to destroy all life starting with Earth's), to this end they seek to destroy this evil stating that "time is not important, only life is important".

They appear peaceful, having no obvious weapons on their ships or suits.


In 1914 a Mondoshawan vessel landed at an ancient archaeological dig site in Egypt; they knew that war was coming and would not risk the Fifth Element's destruction, telling the priest who had awaited their arrival that "in 300 years when Evil returns, so shall we".


The Diva

Unfortunately they were intercepted before returning to Earth 300 years later by Mangalore mercenaries hired by a business man named Zorg (who himself was being manipulated by Evil). These mercenaries utterly destroyed the Mondoshawan ship; however the Fifth Element "survived" (by this term it should be noted that only a few cells in the subject's right arm survived). The other four stones (water, fire, wind and earth) were entrusted to an alien singer called Diva Plavalaguna.


  • The Fifth Element (1997) (First appearance)