The Molites are an alien species native to Sector 2814. Their world C-873, a.k.a. Mol is located in the Mordilam-27 System.

Biology[edit | edit source]

A pink-skinned humanoid race with reptilian features.

Culture and society[edit | edit source]

The Molites were a deeply spiritual people, believing that they owed an enormous debt to their world. They owe it for providing shelter, water, algae, and metals. Their world is both their god and their father. Their gratitude to their world was so great that the entire species would prefer to die rather than abandon it. They praise a figure known as Akedin of the Burning Vein in times of religious passion.

History[edit | edit source]

The Green Lantern Corps was notified that the planet Mol was in danger, by a Ungaran exploratory team that detected that the sun was approaching the stage of a supernova.

To rescue the Molite civilization, John Stewart dispatched Green Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz to aid the Ungaran evacuation efforts. When the two Lanterns arrived at the system only the star was about to approach total stellar annihilation in 18 minutes.

Unfortunately even after speaking to Podfather Vob, the leader of the Molites, the entire species refused to abandon their world, preferring to perish alongside it. The Green Lanterns and Ungaran rescuers were forced to weather the stellar storms and minimize the Molite casualties until they could convince the Molites to evacuate.

While Jessica Cruz held the crumbling subterranean world of Mol, Simon aided the Ungaran rescue ship. The efforts of the Molites did not change their stance and intended to perish with their world as it was their belief that it was the will of their world. Jessica managed to convince them that they were interpreting the signs if their world wrong, and that perhaps that their world wished for them to live on.

The Molites were later accepted by the Ungaran government under refugee status. Though a few Ungarans had voiced their contempt of the aliens in their space.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Green Lanterns 033 (2017)
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