The common Mockiwi - namesake for the family group.

Mockiwis are a group of bird like animals that reside on PNF-404, mostly discovered by Captain Olimar during his famous Sparklium expedition onto the planet. The name for the group is deprived from both "Mock", namely for their similarities to another family group, and the word "Kiwi" named after the notable ground-dwelling bird.

Biology Edit

The Mockiwis are all avian-like creatures, with downy feathers all over their bodies with the exception at the front of the head where most mockiwi have duck-like beaks, their nostrils at the very tip unlike most true birds. Studies within their evolution revealed that they do indeed have wings, which had grown completely useless overtime. These wings used to provide flight to the animal, but as it evolved for a ground-dwelling lifestyle, its wings became too small and weak for any form of lift.

Many who studied any member of this group would note their resemblance to Bulborbs, from their appearance in anatomy to their hunting behavior. This is due to convergent evolution. In this case, the Mockiwi adapted to fill in the same niche as the Bulborbs in habitats where the notable Grub-Dogs aren't present. The best example of this is the extinct Whiptongue Mockiwi, and its almost mirror resemblance to the Whiptongue Bulborb. While not all species of mockiwi mimic Bolborbs, they do seemingly mimic other species of organisms.

Species Edit

In the first initial Sparklium expedition, three notable species of Mockiwi had been discovered, with two extinct species being studied sometime after:

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