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Several Mochtroids

The Mochtroid is a failed clone of the Metroid, created by the Space Pirates.


They are distinctly different from their progenitors in that they only possess a single neural brain node, instead of three that regular Metroids naturally possess. It also resembles a Metroid in that it floats, has a green membrane, but they are no larger than half the size of a regular Metroid, and most Mochtroids possess only 1/10 the strength of a natural larval Metroid. They appeared in the Maridia area of Zebes, due to the Space Pirate cloning activity in that area. They did not have the ability to properly attach to their victims and, therefore, were obsolete. The early mochtroid failures were quickly replaced by full metroid clones in key areas of the space pirate base.


  • Metroid Prime: Hunters: First Hunt
  • Super Metroid (First appearance)
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