General Information
Homeworld Dac
Skin colors Pink (primary)
Sapience level Sapient
Language Telepathic
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

The Moappa are a strange form of invertebrate native to the oceans of the planet Dac, and are believed to have existed on the planet before the Mon Calamari and the Quarren civilizations were first formed. As individuals the pink, bell-shaped creatures are essentially primitive, mindless blobs of jelly. However, when large groups unite to form colonies, the intelligence of each individual is united to form a fully sapient entity. This community sapience is even capable of telepathic communication.

For many millennia, the Moappa were perfectly content to appear as primitive invertebrates, until the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy. When the Mon Calamari tried to decide the loyalty of the entire planet, the Moappa became angry and decided to ally themselves with the Separatists. They used their telepathic abilities to relay the orders of remote Separatist generals to the Quarren who were fighting against the Mon Cals, in an effort to bring all the sapient beings on Mon Calamari together. When Jedi Master Kit Fitso discovered the abilities of the Moappa, he forced the Mon Calamari leaders to drop their pretenses of superiority and aloofness, and begin working with the Quarren and the Moappa to save the planet and its oceans together.

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