General Information
Homeworld Izarine
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Alien Bounty Hunter

The Mizar are a sapient alien species.

Biology Edit

The Mizar are a bizarre race, resembling misshapen humanoids, with numerous tumor-like growths all over their body. Little is known about their biology, though it was mentioned that Malady, a Mizar, was female, suggesting they are divided into two sexes.

Culture and society Edit

They perfected a mushroom weapon that it potentially poisonous to not only to the Erebus but other forms of life.

History Edit

For a thousand years the Mizar have resisted Erebus occupation for longer than any species. Eventually the succumbed to a plague of sterility and withered behind the defenses they perfected.

Appearances Edit

  • Alien Bounty Hunter 003 (2018)
  • Alien Bounty Hunter 005 (2018)
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