General Information
Homeworld Mintaka III
Body Type Humanoid
Height Same as Humans
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek

The Mintakans are a sapient species native to Mintaka III. Described as proto-Vulcan humanoids, it's possible that they're in some way related to that species (perhaps they too might be descendants of Sargon's Species, as the Vulcans are believed to be).

As of 2366, the Mintakans are a non-spacefaring culture, with a technological level akin to the Bronze Age. Their technology is limited but includes huts, tapestry and bows and arrows.

Culture and societyEdit

Like most humanoids, the early Mintakans were superstitious and assigned supernatural explanations to things they couldn't understand. This had already began to change during the 24th century, as many Mintakans no longer believed in spirits or deities.

According to Deanna Troi, Mintakans have highly-ordered minds, similar to the Vulcans, although they do not repress emotions. It is customary for Mintakan women to precede their mates as a signal to other women that if they want that man to perform any kind of service for them, it's with her that they have to negotiate.


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