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Mint-Berry Crunch

Mint-Berry Crunch (also written as Mintberry Crunch and Mint Berry Crunch) is the superhero alter-ego of Bradley Biggle . He is a member of the superheroes group Coon and Friends. Crunch plays a significant role in the episode "Coon vs. Coon and Friends".

Bradley Biggle transforms into Mint-Berry Crunch by spinning in place and saying "Shablagoo!!" He has the power to control mint and berrys with a satisfying crunch, which he wields as weapons; he can also fly. Crunch is currently on a mission to discover the fate of his alien parents.


His true identity is revealed in the episode "Coon vs. Coon and Friends". Crunch is actually an alien from a faraway planet: K'oh Kajan, known throughout the universe for its berry mines -- berries that have the power to fuel nearly anything. In a holographic message from his extraterrestrial father, Crunch learns that his true name is Gokzarah and he was sent to stop evil from taking over Earth. His power of mint and berries ("yet with a tasty, satisfying crunch") are the result of a collision between his home planet and the world of intense mint flavor. He can also fly and create large pink bubbles which can protect the objects inside against anything.


  • The character's introduction and role in the series is seen by many fans as a swerve by the creators on fans who watched the episode expecting to learn the origins of Kenny's immortality, as he was expected to be the one to thwart Cthulhu.
  • The super hero's costume is believed to be based on the Batman villan Two-Face, being split into two even parts.
  • Some fans initially thought Kenny was the identity of Mint-Berry Crunch, as the initial group shots showed the character as having blonde hair, a trait Kenny shares with Bradley.
  • How he gains his powers appears to mirror comic hero Capitain Marvel, who would gain his appearance and powers after saying "Shablagoo!". His twirling action while saying the phrase also mirrors Wonder-Woman.
  • His alien heritage of being raised by human parents mirrors the past of Superman.