"Walking alone through the corridors of (base name), you skim the security reports on the recent attacks by the horrific native "mind worms." Giant swarms, or "Boils," of these 10cm mottled nightmares have wriggled out of the fungal beds of late, and now threaten to overwhelm base perimeters in several sectors. Victims are paralyzed by psi-induced, and then experience an unimaginably excruciating death as the worms burrow into the brain to implant their ravenous larvae.""
―The Book of Planet, "A Waking Nightmare"

The Mind Worm, a species of ten centimeter mottled worms, is the dominant species on Planet Chiron. The Mind Worm is a terrifying creature, able to use powerful psi attacks to paralyze its prey.

Mind Worms travel in huge swarms called "Boils", which can range from tiny Hatchling Boils to massive Demon Boils. They have mottled yellowish skin with three pronged jaws, a single blue eye, and mothlike antennae. They reproduce asexually, and have been known to impregnate themselves in times of dire need. Mind Worms serve as Planet's immune system, hunting down sentient creatures that are not linked to the Planetary Neural Net, like Human colonists.

The Mind Worms get their name from their primary method of attack. After finding prey, they assault their target with a barrage of terrifying psychic attacks, paralyzing them with fear. After the victim is paralyzed in terror, they burrow into the still-conscious host's brain and carefully implant their ravenous larvae. They are also able to burrow through most substances that are softer than Plasma-Steel. Only the most disciplined soldiers can resist this horrific attack long enough to trigger the Flame Guns that hold them at bay.

However, when a Mind Worm is burnt, preferably with a Flame Gun, they leave a husk that contains rare mineral essences. These so-called Planetpearls are worth a tidy sum of energy credits, so it is best to strike a Mind Worm boil at first sight.

Furthermore, Mind Worms can be bred to be used as military units and controlled by "Empaths," special individuals of the Talent social class gifted with psychic powers.

There are two other Mind Worm vectors that inhabit Planet's seas and skies, known as the Isle of the Deep and Locusts of Chiron respectively.

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