Alien Species

The Mimbanites were one of the native races of the planet Mimban.


Unwilling or unable to retreat to caves deep in the swamplands like their cousins, the Coway, when the Galactic Empire set up their mining operations, Mimbanites were reduced to scavenging garbage heaps and begging for alcohol. This once proud race was held in contempt by the Imperial troops and miners. Like the Coway, Mimbanites were humanoids with short fur, but they were smaller and less robust. Their fur was green rather than red, hence the derogatory nickname Greenies. (This derogatory term was also applied toward Rodians.) The term "Mimbanite" also refers to a race of furry quadrupeds which inhabited the planet. It is unclear if the quadrupeds were sentient, non-sentient, or semi-sentient.