Mikitaka Hazekura is a supporting character in the fourth part (Diamond is Unbreakable) of the anime/manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure who claims to be an alien from a star cluster called the Magellanic Cloud and possesses the ability to transform into any inanimate object without any complex mechanisms. He claims to be a spaceship pilot who came to Earth in order to determine whether to live there, as his planet, in the Magellanic Cloud, is dying.

One of the most interesting aspects of Mikitaka is how the question of whether or not he is an alien remains unanswered. Despite possessing the abnormal ability of shapeshifting his body into various objects, in the context of the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, his ability could most likely be a Stand[[1]] named "Earth, Wind & Fire". A Stand is often represented as some strange spirit powered by their users life-force and grants them supernatural and superhuman abilities. Knowing this, Mikitaka could very well be a delusional teenager or using his stand to play an elaborate act which is prolonged through part four (DiU).

He claims that his alien name is "Nu Mikitakazo Nshi" as is 216 years old despite hit teenage appearance and has a mother who Mikitaka claims to be a woman he found and brainwashed when he arrived on Earth to think Mikitaka is her son as a means to hide his alien origins. In the presence of sirens, Mikitaka experiences tremendous amount of pain and begins to get hives reminiscent of allergic reactions experienced by humans. To which Mikitaka claims that sirens make the bodies of his species experience an instantaneous skin irritation that puts his kind in tremendous amounts of pain. His hobby is caring for various types of animals and even owns a pet mouse. Mikitaka is generally calm, peaceful and curious about humanity's culture despite having a hard time understanding it, such as concepts like sarcasm. He is willing to return favors and protect and help those he considers his friends.

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