General Information
Homeworld Mezan
Diet Omnivores
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Mezari are a race of humans in the Endless Universe.


Dungeon of the Endless Edit

In 3500 AD, a Mezari prison ship crash landed on the surface of Auriga, theorized to be a lost Endless research planet. The vessel was buried deep within the crust of the planet, but the survivors flourished, living underground in close knit clans. These clans would eventually evolved into the nomadic Vaulters, that would one day unearth themselves to the surface of the planet and later take to the stars centuries later.

A second group of Mezari later arrived on Auriga and also were stranded on the primitive world. Accustomed to a life in space, the Mezari had to adapt to terrestrial existence.

Another group arrived and settled on the planet Raia, founding the United Empire.


From all accounts it seems that the Mezari were a nomadic space-faring culture originating from the planet Mezan but seem to have forgotten about their homeworld. From several snippets of lore in the Endless Space and Endless Legend franchises, mentions of the Mezari are made suggesting that they were a civilization that acted as the forerunners to every human civilization in the Endless Universe.

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