The alien vegetable, Meteor Garlic

Meteor Garlic is a rare breed of alien vegetation somewhat resembling a clove of garlic that grows from mysterious meteorites that fall from outer space. Meteor Garlic cloves are an extremely rare delicacy that are not only delicious but eating them endows the eater with enough energy to go nonstop without sleep for a whole month and it will temporarily increase their strength and muscle mass immensely. Due to this astonishing enhancement, the Meteor Garlic's distribution (if found) is forbidden due to risks of being overused as an enhancing supplement.

When the meteorites falls to the planet below, it absorbs most of the nutrients in its surrounding, leaving the terrain mostly barren as the Meteor Garlic requires many nutrients in order to grow. Once fully grown, it is of incredible size, however most of its size comes from the dozens upon dozens of layers it possesses and once all are successfully removed, the actual edible part is no bigger than a regular clove of earthly garlic. It is described as having a crunchy texture similar to fried potatoes and the inside is moist like cream cheese.

Because of its rarity and illegal status, it is almost impossible to find a Meteor Garlic even on the black market and it is not known from what part of space they hail from.

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