General Information
Homeworld Chaon
Height Six Meter
Diet Carnivores
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Invasion America

The Metamorphs are a genetically engineered race from the planet Chaon.

Biology Edit

Humanoids genetically engineered by the Tyrusians, these people can take on the appearance of any other humanoid they've seen in their lifetimes. Their average lifespan, however, is only about fifty years. Their true form is about twice the height of an average human being, hairless, with an extremely flexible skeletal structure. When in its true form, the metamorph loses the ability to form cohesive speech, and instead communicates in guttural howls. The head is supported by a long, flexible neck, and the teeth, like those of a Mangler, are needle-shaped. They have angular eyes that are fully black and totally lacking pupils and irises. The nose is almost nonexistent. Metamorphs also lack external ears. The forearms are powerful and very long, with a reach of about six feet and are tipped with three clawed digits, and the fingers are slightly webbed. The legs remain vaguely humanoid, and the feet only have two toes.

History Edit

To date, only one metamorph, Lomack, is known to exist in the United States, posing Major in the United States military and later as a doppelganger of the President of the United States.

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