Meta Ridley is the name given to Ridley after being revived and cybernetically enhanced by the Space Pirates. This form of Ridley retains the original's combat abilities and has been generously equipped with the very best Space Pirate weaponry available.


Meta Ridley was created after the subsequent death of the original Ridley on Zebes, first found aboard the abandoned Space Pirate Research Frigate Orpheon. He was stumbled upon by Samus Aran while the hunter was fighting her way out of the then-exploding research vessel. Ridley had been awakened by the chaos, and when he saw Samus peering at him, he broke free of his restraints and took flight, tearing his way out of the doomed frigate and heading to the nearby planet of Tallon IV with Samus in hot pursuit.

A brief glimpse of Meta Ridley is also seen in the Phendrana Drifts after acquiring the Boost Ball. A massive shadow is cast over the ground, the camera following it until it pans upward to see Ridley flying away. It can be assumed that he was going to the Space Pirate headquarters in the Phazon Mines.

Samus finally battles Meta Ridley after bringing the twelve Chozo Artifacts to "The Cradle" above the Impact Crater. Appearing out of nowhere, Meta Ridley flies to the temple and smashed the activated teleporter and the twelve totems that made up "The Cipher." A fierce battle between the two bitter enemies ensued, with Samus coming out of top. After blasting away Meta Ridley's chestplate, several large Chozo Statues on top of the temple turn red and blast Ridley with lasers, causing him to fall into the crater and explode.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

Meta Ridley has been drastically improved by Space Pirate cyborging technology. He is covered in a tough metal exoskeleton that is impervious to attack, save for the chest region, which can be destroyed by concentrated weapons fire, and the inside of his mouth. The wings' membrane is made from a strange field of orange energy that works just as well as his normal wings. The field can be disrupted by dealing severe damage to Ridley, effectively stripping him of flight.

Meta Ridley's attacks include his original melee attacks and various new weapons systems. His fire breath has been enhanced and resembles a Plasma Beam, and he can conduct Ultrathermal Flamestrikes, in which he leaps up and slams his feet onto the floor to generate a burning shockwave. When in flight, he uses his burning Kinetic Breath Weapon, launches Multimissile salvos and bombs the area with Meson Bombs. If sufficiently damaged, he will lose his wings thus restricting him to fight on the ground. For ground attacks, Ridley uses his fire breath, rapid tackle attacks and tail sweeps.

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

Meta Ridley appears as a boss in The Subspace Emissary in the second Subspace Bomb Factory stage.

Role in the Subspace EmissaryEdit

After the party of Samus Aran, Pikachu, Donkey and Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, Captain Olimar and R.O.B. board the Falcon Flyer to escape the Subspace Bomb Factory, Meta Ridley appears and pursues the fleeing ship. The party has only two minutes to defeat Meta Ridley, failing to do so results in an instant loss.

In this battle, Meta Ridley attacks by scraping the Falcon Flyer with his claws, various fireball attacks (from tiny rapid-fired fireballs to a single massive fireball that deals an instant K.O.), and slamming the Falcon Flyer. Sometimes, he'll latch onto the Flyer's stern and drag it downward, firing powerful fireballs.

He is fought again in The Great Maze. Strangely enough, the fight takes place on the Falcon Flyer once again. His attack pattern is virtually unchanged, but the fight is made easier without the two-minute time limit.

Omega RidleyEdit

After Meta Ridley's defeat on Norion, in which he fell down a deep shaft, he had survived due to the restorative powers of the Phazon in his armor. He returned to the Space Pirate Homeworld, where he later fought Samus again as Omega Ridley. Ridley had gained this form from Phazon Corruption, boasting great strength and defense, complete with new armor made from Phazite.


  • There is a bug that can be exploited during the Meta Ridley battle in Metroid Prime. By charging between his legs with the Boost Ball when he lands, Ridley will sustain enough damage to disable his wings. This was fixed in the remake for the Wii.
  • In the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in the stage called "The Great Maze," Tabuu revives all of the bosses fought throughout the course of the story, including Ridley and Meta Ridley. Curiously, they are fought separately, despite being the same Ridley.
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