The Meridae are an alien species from the planet Te Abanor in the Stardoc Universe.

Biology Edit

A dimorphic species, females are drab colored, with rounded heads covered by long, wrinkled skin lappets, hidden snouts, long extensible tongues covered with spiny papillae nicked out. The Meridae’s hind appendages had small curved talons.

A distinct ammoniac odor emanates from their bodies, with oval bristle clusters acting like brushes to allow self-grooming. They held a jointed flap folded against their spines. Fully extended in the air, the wing stretched over ten feet long, and worked like a sail. Combined with the planet’s low gravity and air currents it gave them lift, and all the Meridae had to do was tack to or against the wind.

Culture Edit

The Meridae performed nearly every function of life on the wing, limiting themselves on their tree structures only for rest, prolonged nourishment, or nursing their young.

Meridae preyed on the smaller mammals, which they caught while combing the network of caverns in organized hunting packs. Their quarry was either consumed on wing, or brought back to the aviaries to be shared.

Throngs Edit

Meridae had no formally trained medics or treatment facilities. Each family unit (called “throngs”) had a “fosterer”—usually an unmated female—who provided all health care. They even performed complex surgical procedures with a high success rate. Throngs are made up of nonrelated broods, to ensure proper breeding.

When a throng reaches capacity, a new throng is initiated, and the Meridae collect the feces for a new aviary.

Architecture Edit

The structures on Te Abanor were nothing more than hardened, sculpted waste.

The throng members defecate in a clearing until the proper amount of material is accumulated, shaped, and dried. Despite it being made of waste the fecal matter is free of containment’s and is actually sanitary.

Dancing Edit

The Meridae are skilled aerial dancers. Unbelievably fast, capable of intricately weaving patterns as groups.

  • An Imitation of Our Visitors: A comical acting dance in which young Meridae mimic the movements of offworlders in the air.

Appearances Edit

  • Shockball (Stardoc #4) by S.L Viehl (2001)
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