Merdlidops are a race of sapient sinkhole-dwelling creatures native to planet Koozebane. They are covered in pink fur and have a cone-shaped head, a wide mouth and eyes located on long cylindrical hollow sockets. These mischievous creatures often pop out of their burrows and steal objects from casual space travelers (like Dom DeLuise). Once the victims fall into the Merdlidops' burrows, they are apparently assimilated by the species and turned into Merdlidops too. The intelligence level of this species is still unclear, but they are assumed to be semi-sapient at least. Like the Yip Yips', the Merdlidops' language seems to consist mainly of one word, in this case "Merdlidop".

A human male, Dom DeLuise, after being assimilated into becoming a Merdilidop

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