The Menoptera are a sapient volant species native to the planet Vortis in the Isop Galaxy.


They are bipedal humanoids with large, transparent insectile wings which allow them true flight within Vortis' rarefied atmosphere. Their bodies are patterned with stripes and they have a pair of long antennae protruding from their heads.

History and societyEdit

A mostly peaceful culture, the Menoptera have built temples of light, and seem to venerate light in a religious manner. They are a cheerful people with a culture rich in songs and legends. Even possessing spaceflight technology, they appear to have led simple lives, claiming that they did little more than build temples for the Gods of Light.

Unfortunately, at some point, the sapient and malign entity known as the Animus invaded their planet and turned the rich forests into barren landscapes and the water ponds into acid. Taking control of the mindless Zarbi and Larvae Guns, the Animus banned the Menoptera away from their own homeworld, causing most of them to settle on the nearby moon of Pictos; and the ones which stayed to go to the underground and give rise to the species known as the Optera.

Despite their peaceful nature, the Menoptera created a weapon known as the Isop-tope device to be used against the Animus parasite which had taken control of their planet and its native lifeforms. With the help of the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Vicki and the Optera; the Menoptera squad sent to Vortis was able to enter the core of the Carcinoma where the Animus resided and destroy the evil entity, freeing their planet from its influence.


  • The name Menoptera probably comes from Hymenoptera, the scientific name for the family that includes wasps, ants and bees; which is slightly strange given that the Zarbi are the ones that resemble true hymenopterans mostly.
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