Mendel Planetoid

Mendel was an aged old man that lived as a solo in the scraplands of Primus Polaris. He was a friend of the local hero Silas Aden when he arrived on the forgotten planet.

History Edit

Mendel was hunting out it the scraplands in his environment suit for reptrox, when he observed a survivor from a downed ship destroy a Rover with a shot from a powerful hand cannon. Seeing the man was injured Mendel took him to his home to treat and feed him.

The survivor introduced himself as Silas Aden, the who became friends and traded stories. When Silas inquired about escape from the planet, Mendel stated it was a hopeless dream and that he should forget it. Mendel guided Silas to the Slab where he could find a small semblance of civilization and parted ways with him.

Mendel reappeared as a prisoner to the Ono Mao. He was captured by the Rovers who tortured him for days, puncturing his eyes, to get information on Silas Aden, though he refused to break. Silas who was captured as well freed the old man, despite his insistence to forget about him and save himself.

After Silas and Mendel escape the Skyladder together, Mendel thanked Silas for his kindness stating after he parted ways with him, he had a dream of Silas fighting the Rovers and freeing the inhabitants from the Ono Mao. But Silas lamented that everything he helped build would be destroyed by the Ono Mao, but Mendel stated that there was still hope and that he was a good man.

Silas however confessed that he was far from a great man as he did terrible things in his past. Mendel however comforted Silas, stating he didn't only have a burden. He explained when he first came to the planet, he was rescued by a tribe of Noxalites and lived with them for many years. One day they were attacked by the Rovers, Mendel however fled in fear leaving the tribe to be destroyed. Ashamed of his actions he exiled himself to the scraplands living the life of a solitude.

Mendel told Silas he learned something that day from the Noxalites... that resistance to oppression is a beautiful thing even when defeat is inevitable. He encouraged him to return to the settlement he fights for what he holds dear. The next day Mendel succumbed to his injuries, dying.

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