The Menahuun are a race of furred humanoids believed to have been extinct by the xenoscientists of the Old Republic. However, the Menahuun race managed to thrive on their homeworld of Lamaredd, evolving over many millennia before the arrival of offworlders nearly destroyed them. The planet Lamaredd was discovered by the crew of a starship dispatched by Outer Rim Oreworks, which had to crashland on the planet. The survivors of the crash, led by Hugo Bartyn, eventually prospered in their settlement of Bartyn's Landing, and began to consider the Menahuun as pests and nuisances. Many Menahuun were killed for sport, and those that managed to escape the predation fled into the wilderness. Their once-peaceful existence shattered, the Menahuun began building up their collective strength, hoping one day to take back their homeworld from the settlers. During the 500 years leading up to the Battle of Yavin, their civilization had decayed into a competitive tribal society which came as a result of their struggle for survival. The Menahuun chose to re-emerge shortly after the Battle of Naboom after chafing under the predations of Guther Bartyn. The average Menahuun stood just over a meter in height, and their bodies were covered with wiry fir. Their long limbs and hands with opposable digits allowed the Menahuun to move swiftly through the trees.
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