General Information
Other Names Human
Diet Omnivorous
Lifespan 70 years=[1]
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Varries
Language Varies
Subspecies/Races RedguardNordImperials
Species Origin Unknown
Status Varries
Behind the Scenes

The Men, also known as Humans, are humanoids native to Nirn. The human races have several differences to the Elven races they live beside. The main difference is lifespan. Most of the human races reach their peak life expectancy in their seventies, while elves like the Altmer can live for hundreds of years, even without use of magics to expand their life. Most humans also range in size and appearance. Bretons can be on the shorter side, while Nord men average taller then most humans. While Elves do have the upper hand in skills such as magic, and can take years to master an out without fear of old age, Humans are able to reproduce faster, sooner, and to a higher degree then elves. Most humans are untrusting of at least a few of the other races, due to factors of past wars or beliefs.

The races of man can be found all over the continent of Nord. The Redguard can be found in the desserts of Hammerfell, while the Kothringi could be found in the Black Marsh prior to their extinction.

All humans share the traits of a Omnivorous diet and how they give birth to their young.

References Edit

  1. In the book Wolf Queen v8, it is mentioned that 70 years is considered old age for men.
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