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Homeworld: Meklon

Known Emperors: CB-715, QX-537, INT-986, TVC-15, TX-1138, M5-35, CZK-21, M3-850T, Cog Primus, 911-C4S, THX-1137, RSW-242

Racial Tendencies: Erratic Industrialists

Tech Specialties: Excellent Computers, Poor Planetology

The Meklars were a cybernetic race; their bodies were weak but their exoskeletons gave them incredible computer interface abilities. They were certainly the best race when it came to controlling and refitting factories. This resulted in very high planetary production. Meklars leaders were often quite unpredictable, but usually were more concerned with developing their infrastructures than with expansion. The Meklars fleet built large warships with cutting-edge computer systems. Their development of planetology tech was slow, but new computer abilities came easily to them. Meklars did not like the Darloks or Sakkra, but did trust the Humans and Silicoids.

By the Battle at Antares, the cybernetic Meklars had gone through some major change. They previously had enclosed themselves in various exoskeletons; now, parts of the actual creatures were visible. No one had ever seen an actual Meklars before. Meklars still focused on factory production; assisted by their powerful new exoskeletons, they could build things quite rapidly. They could also repair their ships during combat. Meklars ate half as much food as the other races, but they also consumed a part of the industry that they created. Their leaders were Dictators, and Meklars leaders were still thought of as erratic and dangerous. They were friendlier towards the Darloks, Gnolams, and Mrrshan. They did not like the Trilarians or the Silicoids.