Megadolorids are an enormous form of ooze native to the variable-gravity planet Silselrik. They feed on kinetic energy, and exist in a symbiotic relationship with the planet's native sentient species, the selamids.

Description Edit

Anatomy Edit

Like all oozes, megadolorids are amorphous creatures with no clear anatomy. They have flat bodies, spanning up to half a mile in diameter. They are colored a mottled brown and green.

Diet Edit

Megadolorids feed on external kinetic energy. They usually get this energy from Silselrik's gravity storms, but symbiotic megadolorids feed on the kinetic energy from the selamid cities on their "backs."

Behavior Edit

Megadolorids are mostly known for their symbiosis with selamids. They host large cities of selamids, called megadoplexes, on their bodies, which collectively host nearly all of the selamid species. The industry and physical activity of the selamids feeds the megadolorid on which they are hosted; in exchange, the megadolorid provides the selamids and carefully avoids more dangerous areas of Silselrik.

Notes Edit

  • Megadolorids were first described in The Thirteenth Gate, the fifth installment of Starfinder's Dead Suns adventure path. They do not have statistics and are described only in relation to Silselrik and the selamids.
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