Pops Maellard
Pops regular show
Biography Information
True Identity Mega Kranus
Alias Pops Maellard
Homeworld Lolliland
Species Lollilander
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Body Type humanoid
Hair Color White
Family Unnamed step-father
Mr. Maellard (adoptive father)
Mrs. Maellard (adoptive mother)

Anti-Pops (brother)

Occupation Billionaire
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Regular Show
Created by J.G. Quintel
Performed by Sam Martin

Mega Kranus (better known as Pops Maellard) is one the main characters in the Cartoon Network, Regular Show. He appears to a lollipop-lille alien from planet known as Lolliland. Pops is a very rich billionaire whose setp-father owns the park. He also has an evil twin brother called Anti-Pops.

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