Medusan (Outer Limits)
General Information
Homeworld Medusa
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Outer Limits Universe

The Medusans are a native species of crustacean-like humanoids from the planet Medusa.

Biology Edit

The Medusan are purple shelled crustaceans with four feelers on their faces. They are bipedal and humanoids, possessing two pincer appendages for arms.

Their young are hatched from eggs. To assist in the hatching process, refined tritium bricks line the nest of the Medusan eggs so that the hatchlings may absorb the bricks' energy.

History Edit

The Medusans were the indigenous race of Medusa. Around eleven years ago humans colonized their world and established the mining town of Daedalus; the land was supposedly 'bought' in a 'fair' deal by Governor Oleaga from the local Medusan chieftain.

After the death of the previous Medusan chieftain, tensions between the newcomers and the natives flared over border disputes. An incident involving the murder of three humans by a Medusan sparked a wave of fear and animosity from the miners. A Medusan was captured to be hanged for its 'crimes' but was stopped by Judge Armstrong who demanded that a fair and unbiased trial be held for the Medusan.

Kra'dok, a minor bureaucrat, served as the Medusan's attorney while General Quince, commander of the military in Daedalus, acted as his translator. Mr. O'Brien served as the prosecutor for the case.

At the trial the only witness to the crime Lavinia Oleaga, Governor Oleaga's daughter, claimed that the Medusans launched an unprovoked attack near the edge of the border during a 'geographical survey'.

After the Governor's servant Hmong was murdered, by a severed Medusan claw, blame was shifted on General Quince who was arrested. Later the Medusan defendant had escaped with the help of his people.

Judge Armstrong and General Quince payed a risky visit to the Medusan village and they learned that the Medusans only killed and attacked Lavinia and her comrades because they stole tritium bricks from the Medusan village. These tritium bricks that were vital for the survival of the Medusans young. Armed with this information, public sympathy shifted towards the Medusan defendant and was cleared of all charges. Lavinia denied all accusations sttaing they were lies, however her bag was discovered containing a tritium extractor tying her to her theft. Still upholding her innocence, Kra'dok pointed out that the Medusans allowed her to live once they reclaimed the bricks. The Medusan confessed to the murders, but since he was resisting a felony, the de facto murder of his tribe's offspring which categorized the act as justifiable homicide. Due to the ignorance of both sides, Judge Flinch sentence the Medusan to five years to act as a liaison for the colony.

Lavinia and Governor Oleaga were not pleased, the former stating callously that the Medusans were sub-human and that their children could die for all she cared. Lavinia was held for arraignment for her theft and trespass on the Medusan land.

Culture Edit

Medusans are normally seen as a savage race that torture their victims on racks and burn them alive. However these notions are mostly misinterpretations and biased by the human colonists. Rather they are a very spiritual people, their funerary rites are events that are practiced and honored not only to themselves, but even towards their enemies. They place the deceased bodies on racks, covering them with elaborate veils and burn the corpse to honor the dead to the next life.

Despite being a primitive race they are skilled smelters and refiners of tritium that even human refineries can't match. They are also skilled trackers and hunters in their native jungles.

Source Edit

  • Outer Limits: Season 7: Episode 17: Rule of Law
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