Mederan in his dog form.

Mederan is a Vardian and Zin's personal bodyguard - with himself and the Desserian Yahir been Zin's closest allies. It's unknown if he was a SAR TOP prisoner or not, but he was among the prisoners who came to Earth.


Mederan was especially loyal to Zin, never leaving his side, and as such was the last to go through the wormhole onto the train that was heading for Chicago. However, due to no other human 'hosts' left to take and, in a touch of irony due to his loyalty, Mederan was forced to take the life force of a Guide Dog that was been taken to Chicago for a young blind man called Stan Roberts. Although initially free, Zin presumably told one of the fugitives to take him to Stan until he was needed.

Seizing his chance one day, Mederan led Stan into the middle of the road before pulling himself free, leaving Stan to get hit and fatally injured by a car whose driver, William Carter, wasn't paying attention. Upon hitting

Cole confronts William with the collector.

Stan, William drove off in a panic while Mederan watched before running off to find Zin - with Zin using him to do his dirty work, promising Mederan he would find a way to transfer a prisoner's life force out of one body and into another. Mederan shows to ability to manipulate his host's body on a molecular level, to the point of been able to transform into a anthropomorphic/werewolf-like creature, from which he commits several murders including some for Zin's benefit - due to Zin (calling himself Mr. Andrews in a court room) wanting to to get property rights for his own reasons. These murders include killing an animal controller and a court judge (Jane Elders) who was standing in the way of Zin getting the property rights.

When Mel was forced to tag along with her ex-boyfriend Vic - a police detective investigating the case of Stan's death - she had to ask Cole to pick her up. Before leaving, however, Cole checked the area and sensed an energy signature. Later breaking into the Police computer systems and CCTV footage (believing the hit and run driver was a prisoner), Cole find's the car's registration code, and so its owner and their details. Tracking William to his workplace and briefly

Mederan transforming in his monstrous bipedal form as he prepares to kill Jane Elders.

chasing him when he ran, Cole realized that William was just a human and not an alien fugitive. While William is arrested, Cole checks the footage again and spots a guide dog. When he and

Mel check out the dog training facility that supplied the dog to Stan, they learn that it was on the train at the same time as the prisoner's escape. Later investigating the death of the animal controller who was killed in a 'dog attack', Cole deduces the prisoner to be Mederan due to his loyalty to Zin making him one of the last  - if not the last - through the wormhole and thus forcing him to take the dog's life force. Recovering dog hair from inside where the animal controller was killed, Cole tries to locate Mederan - discovering that the element mercury has been introduced into the dog's system.

After Jane Elder's murder, Mel goes to find out about her while Cole goes to find out about mercury. Talking

Mederan's point of view as he attacks Prestin.

to Mr. J Prestin - who has taken over proceedings following Jane's death, she finds no information and sees he is very cagey. Following him, she spots him asking for money from Zin to ensure he gets the property rights, but she has to flee when her mobile phone rings. Cole, meanwhile, takes a taxi to an old battery factory after learning from the city's records that they used high amounts of mercury. Investigating, he is briefly attacked by Mederan in his 'werewolf' form - who then flees. While talking to Mel later, she notices his shirt ripped and covered in blood on the shoulder but finds no wound - with Cole explaining that he has an accelerated healing ability, but can only regenerate small amounts of body tissue.

Going to the court as Prestin grants Zin the relocation order, Cole uses his hyper-time to get past the guard and enter the court's parking lot - realizing Mederan will be nearby. After retrieving a briefcase from Zin's car, Prestin

Cole battles Mederan

gets into his own vehicle and opens the briefcase to find money inside - only to find that the money is fake. Furthermore, Mederan is in the back of his car and attacks him. Cole, hearing the attack, fails to save Prestin but gets Mederan's attention - causing the two to fight.

Mederan's size, savageness and strength initially gives him the advantage, but Cole manages to use the items around him such as a board and chain to battle Mederan. Finally, with a brief distraction from Mel, Cole is able to pin Mederan down and use the collector to take his life force. After the battle when Mel checks on Cole due to him bleeding, he jokes about needing a new shirt due to his been damaged during the fight.


Cole takes Mederan's life force.

When Mel goes out with Vic the next night for dinner (after accidentally missing it when following Prestin the night before), Cole is left feeling odd - which Jess explains is because he has 'jealousy written all over him', This only serves to confuses Cole as he begins to check himself - not realizing it was an expression.


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