Alien Species

The Mechlops is a Luminoth robot created after a failed attempt to domesticate the Triclops. It's use by the Luminoth was not clear, but it is known that they were used in the war against the Ing. The Mechlops has the same build as a Triclops, with three jaws, stubby legs and nigh-impenitreble armor. It sucks up anything the size of a Morph Ball into its jaws and carries it out of its lair, but a good struggle will make it drop the object it is carrying. Fortunately, the rogue robots inherit its derivative's stupidity, and will eagerly scoop up Bombs into their vulnerable jaws. Having perfectly recreated them through the Mechlops, the Luminoth were now capable of putting to use the earthmoving strength found within the Triclops. The Mechlops can be found in the Sanctuary Fortress.

After the Luminoth were forced to abandon their fortress, these mechanoids went rogue and now serve the Ing Horde. They patrol small passages beneath floors.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)