Alien Species
Mechanoid Warrior
Mechanical Warrior
Universe Corridor 7 Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Unknown
Language Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies Unknown

Mechanical Warriors are powerful soldiers in the Solrac's invasionary forces, although their original form's defining features is obscured due to a high amount of cybernetic implants and armored plating. This is because there are several other large species that resemble the body parts that are shown - from Ttocs to Tymoks to even perhaps an Eniram. In truth they are actually Ttocs, as those who have slain them can attest to, as their armor tends to crack up the face and shatter, revealing their identity as they splatter on the ground.

This does not, however, explain the altered skin tone - Ttocs are normally purple in hue, yet a Mechanical Warrior's arms have yellowed, possibly due to some chemical leeched into their system or by a number of other factors such as advanced age, sickness, weakness, or disease. It could also be due to putrefaction or a side effect of potential life-sustaining chemicals. It is notable that they also closely resemble the Otrebors, including what appears to be a tube on the front of their helmets attaching to their waist. This may indicate that Otrebors are created in a similar fashion from another race. It would be unlikely that they are a separate subspecies with a yellowed skin tone as this would mean injured species of similar design such as Otrebors would not be converted into a Mechanical Warrior to fight again.

Mechanical Warrior Face

Evidence of a Mechanical Warrior's true identity - that of a Ttocs.

The Mechanical Warriors are utilized to guard key alien equipment and areas. Their heavy armor and perhaps their cybernetics themselves cause them to move rather sluggishly, but their attached dual blaster can shred body armor and flesh quite quickly. However, as one would expect from a chaingun-like weapon, they are extremely deadly at close range but lose accuracy significantly at medium or long range; because of this a volley of M-343 rounds can drop the creature, allowing the slayer to pry the Dual Blaster out of its elbow socket. Unfortunately for them, their heaviness causes them to create booming footsteps, and so a potential victim will always be able to hear a Mechanical Warrior from far enough away to try and avoid contact if they so choose to. Because of their overall size, strength, and endurance, it is advised that the best way to handle this group of hostiles is will a few well-placed mines, as one should avoid getting too close to them.