Blowhog NL
General Information
Locomotion Flight
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Status "rare"
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

These Blowhog are a mechanical species mainly made for the Pikmin Adventure attraction. These are mainly modeled and inspired by the Air Blowhog subspecies, namely the Withering Blowhog.

Description Edit

Blowhog Spike NL

A attacking Mecha Blowhog

Mecha Blowhogs are relatively rare within the attraction, but when they do show up they hold similar AI behavior to their living counterparts. They stay afloat by spinning propellers on their heads, much like Coppellers.

Unlike true Blowhogs, they are incapable of using any projectiles. So instead, when noticing a player, their snouts will turn into spikes, and they will charge forward to attack. As their whole body is a weakpoint, this makes them fairly easy to beat.

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