Alien Species

The Mebes are large single-celled creatures that evolved on a warm, sunny world. They roll around collecting food on their surfaces and absorbing it into their bodies.

They breed rapidly by sexual reproduction. Two Mebes exchange genetic material, then each divides to produce a new Mebe that contains a combination of genes from each parent.

Although this method of reproduction is quick and the offspring are immediately self-sufficient, the Mebes are very attached to their young ones. Despite their alarming appearance, they are a sentimental species.

Starting Narrative[]

You are the Great Parent. Most of the Mebes are your descendants, and all Mebes look to you for your ancient wisdom.
A sickness has been growing amidst your people, a viral disease that ruthlessly strikes down children before they have reached their first century.
For the sake of the children, your species must find another home. You must undertake a vast project: to escape the plague by spreading from your home world to the rest of the cosmos.

Special Ability[]

Rapid Reproducers: The Mebes are good at populating. You can increase the maximum population of all your colonies.