The Mauvs are a large humanoid species which have had their society devastated by nuclear war. The Hurrians, which had been observing their civilization, rescued the survivors and helped them rebuild their world, instituting a eugenics selection program to make the Mauvian species more docile. As usual, the Hurrians demanded payment for their actions, but the Mauv world was so poor in resources that the species was forced to pay in servitude, rather than material goods, and soon became slaves to the Hurrians.

The Mauvs are hulking creatures, twice as tall and more than twice as broad as a Hurrian and also much stronger than a Human. They are described as having thinly-haired bodies, coarse-featured faces, broad noses and flat cheekbones. This brutish appearance contrasts with their perfectly submissive nature, as they never question authority, and never disobey orders from the Hurrians.


  • The Gentle Vultures, by Isaac Asimov (1957)
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