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The Masari are an alien race from Universe at War: Earth Assault.


The Masari were an ancient and highly advanced alien race of humanoids that existed more than 10,000 years ago. Their homeworld and early history was not known except that they became a star farring species that journeyed acrosss the heavens. At some point in their thousand year history, they came upon a dying species known as the Hierarchy who were close to extinction. The benevolent Masari gave the Hierarchy advanced technology much of hiwhc was hardwired into the alien systems and became their saviors with their actions making them seen as "gods"; a role that the Masari completely accepted. The entire species believed themselves to be deities and were led by Queen Altea with legends speaking over their mastery of energy with their power to create it from nothing. Their act of benevolence, however, cost them as the Hierarchy quickly turned against the Masari with the legends saying that the entire race was slaughtered and the race rendered extinct. However, this was not the case as a single Masari cityship known as the Atlatea carrying their Queen and royalty survived which fled across space in order to find a place to recupterate.

Travelling across distant stars, they came upon the primitive world of Earth and settled on the planet. Similar to their time amongst the Hierarchy, the Masari saw themselves as gods with the primitive human race being mortals as well as peons beneath them. Finding a new home, Atlatea settled on Earth and spawned the legend of the mythical legends of Atlantis amongst humanity in later generations. The Masari spent sometime amongst mankind in order to prepare them for the future and mould them into proteges for their own purposes. It was they who were responsible for the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and the plantation of transmitters designed to warn of advanced invaders such as the Hierarchy in case they ever discovered the Earth. The Masari were not idle amongst early humans as there was ntoed to be some interaction between the two races. In fact, it was known that the Masari Queen Altea took a human consort with their mating producing a hybrid son that became known as Prince Zessus. Not much was known of what transpired next except that the Masari ultimately decided to retreat to their cityship which sank beneath the ocean. After which, the entire species entered into deep stasis where they slept for centuries undisturbed and waited for an unspecified event.

It was in the 21st century that their slumber was disturbed when the Hierarchy invaded the planet Earth in order to strip it of resources. Since their last encounter, the Hierarchy had grown into a powerful galactic menace that plundered entire worlds in their wake and had now made their way to Earth. Their onslaught easily managed to overpower the primitive humans but the Hierarchy faced some opposition from another one of their foes - a machine race known as Novus. During the conflict between the two races, a battle took place in Egypt where a Hierarchy Walker fired at the Egyptian pyramid. This activated a powerful disruption signal that interacted with the Hierarchy's computer systems and the hardwired programming forced them to retreat before they could deploy their Purifier superweapon designed to wipe out the planet. The signal was an activation signal from the Masari cityship and it shortly afterwards rose from the ocean. Immediately, the Hierarchy detected the ship and its origin which shocked the alien invaders - this led them to firing their orbital weaponry at the cityship in order to destroy it. Upon depleting their shipboard arsenal, they realized that they had only damaged the cityship - not destroyed it and that it was still operational with life signs emanating from it.

In the mean time, the Hierarchy were unable to complete the annihilation of the planet with the Purifier because of a disruption from the cityship Atlatea. This led to the Hierarchy Controller Kamal Re'x dispatching his chief commander Orlok the Eternal to infiltrate the damaged ship. Inside, the automated systems began to activate to repair the vessel whilst the ship began to deactivate its stasis systems to awaken the Masari. These Masari battled the Hierarchy attackers but failed to prevent them from destroying the disruption towers but as the full populace emerged from stasis - the invaders were forced to flee. Awakened after centuries of slumber, the Masari were noted to be angry and threatened by the Hierarchy forces. They also noted the strange robotic machines on the planets surface and began engaging both sides resulting in a three way conflict between the species. After a thousand years, the Masari began to once again walk the surface of the Earth and began their movements. Prince Zessus later was responsible for leading a large Masari force which was defeated by the Hierarchy forces led by Orlok the Eternal. However, rather than capture the young prince, Orlok asked for his help in overthrowing the Hierarchy's leadership. Zessus ultimately agreed but Orlok was betrayed by the Skinwalker Nufai with the traitor Hierarchy and Masari forces being defeated.

Orlok was executed for his actions and Zessus was interrogated by the ruthless Kamal Re'x who wanted to learn of the power of the Masari so he could become a god himself. During the course of events, Queen Altea and her Masari later met with Novus as well as remnants of mankinds military. Instead of fighting against the machines, the Masari Queen decided to ally with them and mankind to fight their mutual enemy namely the Hierarchy forces led by Kamal Re'x. They were ultimately able to defeat Kamal where Novus and the forces of human Colonel Burton intended to execute the Controller. However, Queen Altea decided on an alternate punishment and used a telepathic attack that imprisoned Kamal within his own mind where he tasted the power of becoming a god but being unable to ever physically achieve such a state.


The Masari resemble Humans of a higher or nobler breed with Prince Zessus having a slight white hue and golden hair. Their architecture is what inspired many buildings in Earths past and as such brought influence to the Aztec, Egyptian and Sumerian cultures with lavish decoration.

Though resembling Humans, the Masari are quite a proud race as well as arrogant and look down at other species. Their advanced technology and role at shaping some species meant that they were considered "gods" by the Hierarchy and early Humans. This sense of worship affected them and members of the Masari often considered themselves as gods and as such were quite outraged when attacked by mortals.

Among the myths of the Heirarchy which are true was that the Masari were governed by a Queen who was the ruler of their kind.

The race had a curious relationship with Light and Dark Matter whose powers greatly enhanced the Masari's abilities. Individuals such as Prince Zessus seemingly had the power of teleportation allowing them to transport entire armies from one location to another.


The Masari possess two super weapons namely the Matterstorm and Burning Wrath.