Martian Octopus
General Information
Homeworld Mars
Habitat Shores
Body Type Cephalopod-like
Diet Hematophagous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient (presumed)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Le Prisonnier de la planète Mars
Created by Gustave le Rouge

This unnamed species is an amphibious octopus-like bloodsucking predator which dwells in the Martian beaches.


A master of camouflage, the creature is usually found buried deep within the sand, with several small holes scattered on the beach around it. If one digs one of these holes, one may come in contact with what appears to be a small, red-headed white worm, but is actually the tip of one of the beast's long tentacles. Its body bears a strange, human-like face with bulging eyes, deep nostrils and a mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Like Earth's octopuses, this creature is capable of altering its skin texture and color, and uses this ability to camouflage itself in the red Martian sand. However, it can also alter its body shape to a degree that most octopuses can't, which includes being able to turn into a wheel and roll at great speed towards its targets.

This species has been observed hunting in pairs, suggesting either a monogamous or gregarious behavior. Once it manages to subdue its victim (natural prey may include the Martian Crab), the predator uses its tentacles to drain the victim's blood, usually resulting in death for the victim.


  • Le Prisonnier de la planète Mars, by Gustave le Rouge (1908)


  • Interestingly, this species bears some resemblance to the intelligent Martian invaders from H. G. Wells' classic The War of the Worlds. Both are large, octopus-like creatures which sustain themselves on blood.
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