Hommes Chauves-Souris

An unnamed race which inhabited the Northern regions of the planet Mars circa three billion years in the past. They are mammalianoid humanoids with reddish skin and white fur, inflated thoraxes and well-developed arms. Their faces are of a more greenish hue save for the terrifying red eyes (equipped with nictitating membranes) and mouth.

Despite their rather frightening appearance, they aren't actually hostile. They live in tribal settlements and are most notable for wearing artificial gliding membranes which the females of the species fabricate from an algae-like life form. They are technologically more developed than the savage polar Dwarfs, but still not as developed as the equatorial civilized Dwarfs or the reptilian warriors of the sea.


  • Doctor Omega (Fr. Le Docteur Oméga), by Arnould Galopin (1906)
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