Martians zombies of the stratosphere 1952

The Martians of the 1952 Republic serial Zombies of the Stratosphere seek to remove Earth from its orbit (sending Earth spiraling into Space) so Mars can be positioned to take its place. Both tasks are to be completed with Hydrogen Bombs. It's stated that due to Mars having a low oxygen atmosphere Martians have developed the ability to survive in low oxygen environments and are capable of holding their breath for about half an hour or more.

Technology Edit

Martians travel to Earth in a rocket ship armed with ray guns and possess hydrogen bombs, TNT, and Gas Bombs. They also utilize remote controlled Robots.

Notes Edit

  • The serial was meant to be a sequel to the Radar Men from the Moon serial but the character of Cody (the protagonist of Radar Men from the Moon) was replaced with Larry Martin for reasons unknown. Commando Cody went on to have another Serial (which was filmed as a TV Show) while Larry Martin is confined to this serial and the feature film version only.
  • The Martians are first referred to as Zombies in the title of Chapter One: The Zombie Vanguard and not referred to as Zombies again until closing dialogue of the final chapter in which Narab and the others are referred to as Zombies with speculation that others could populate other planets and are power crazed individuals. It's possible that, as Narab is stated to survive with the Earthmen hoping he can speak soon and explain the situation, that Martians have some kind of intense recovery process that causes them to resemble Zombies after extreme injury but this is mere speculation.
  • Leonard Nimoy (known for his role as Spock in Star Trek: The Original Series) plays the Martian Narab who gravely injured informs the hero of the serial where to find the hydrogen bomb.
  • Promotional Artwork from the time of the Serial's release shows the Martians in dark Green and Red uniforms with a green skin tone and red around their eyes.
  • The serial was spliced into a feature length film titled Satan's Satellites in 1958.
  • In the 1990s colorized version the Martians have green skin and purple uniforms.
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