The Martians are a sapient species of grotesque humanoids from the planet Mars. Their technology includes disintegrating weapons of many kinds.

In the year 1962 they sent agents to Earth to study it for colonization purposes, but after receiving television transmissions of several aspects of Earth life, decided to destroy it instead. However they felt threatened by the invention of a revolutionary military vehicle by Professor Danforth; which combined elements of a submarine, tank and helicopter, to create a machine able to operate just as well in water, land, air or space.

The alien agents were able to steal the craft and planned to leave orbit and destroy Earth on their departure, but were fortunately defeated by Moe, Larry and Curly-Joe. A subsequent transmission showed the Martian commanders dancing around, indicating that they didn't very much care that their plan failed, and may have even decided to incorporate some aspects of Earth culture after all.


  • The Three Stooges in Orbit (1962)


  • The Martian design bears some resemblance to the Universal film series portrayal of Frankenstein's monster. It's not clear if the similarity is intentional, though.
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