Martians are a very human like species native to the planet Mars governed by the Kimar (King Martian). Prior to the events of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians they lived in a highly rigid society that has been going on for centuries leading to persons being known by such refined names as Kimar (King Martian), Momar (Mom Martian, Bomar (Boy Martian), etc though some names from centuries ago survive. Martians are shown to be capable of recieving television from Earth and to travel to and from that planet. During the film the Kimar becomes concerned about his children watching Earth televison and consults the Martain Sage Chochem for advice. Chochem tells the Kimar that he's seen this coming for centuries and advices the King to not counter his children's interest but rather encourage creativity and free thought lest the next generation grow to resent him. To this, the Martians decide that a figure like Santa Claus is the best tool and thus, realizing that they can't tell which Santa is the real Santa on Earth they abduct two children who direct them to the North Pole where they find Santa and take him to Mars. After a toy workshop is built on Mars and plots against the Kimar's efforts by the more conservative of the Martian population are revealed Santa proposes one of the Kimar's assistants Dropo become the Martain Santa Claus and to Dropo is given that power. Since then Martian society has been evolving.
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