Supervisors Height

A thriving, technologically sophisticated society of Martians living below the surface of Mars. They kidnap Earth Moms and bring the best ones to Mars, where their "momness" is extracted and implanted into the next generation of nannybots

There are ancient murals that depict Martian families that show that Martian children weren't always raised by machines, as they are now where Martian female babies are raised by nannybots in the technologically advanced society, while the male babies are sent down below to be raised by adult male Martians, which are furry creatures.

Ki argues that Martians were meant to be raised in families, with love, but the Supervisor insists that the current situation is better, because, to her, it is more efficient. The guards realize the Supervisor's cruel nature and decide to arrest the Supervisor because they now prefer the loving vision of family-life. The other Martians celebrate.

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