LEGO life on mars Cassiopea minifigure

Cassiopea, daughter of Riegel

Martians are the inhabitants of Mars in the Life on Mars themed construction sets and the Lego Racer 2 racing game.

History Edit

Sixty years before first contact with the people of Earth Mars was governed by Arcturus, a Canyon Martian (presumably from the Mariner Valley), who was replaced with Riegel, a royal, who became absolute monarch of Mars and began directing efforts towards the mining of Brickonium (Energy Crystals). Riegel's policies over the sixty years prior to contact with Earth people lead to a rebellion among the Canyon Martians. By the time of first contact with Earth people Riegel was on the verge of surrendering power and all of mars to the rebellion.

Contact with Earth Edit

Sixty years after Riegel became the royal leader of Mars an expedition of explorers from Earth arrived. Riegel initially suspected the Humans to be invaders, but his daughter - Cassiopea - talked him into instead testing the Earth people's peaceful intent before coming to a conclusion. Under such advice tests where devised and carried out- scenarios staged for the purpose of testing the expedition's peaceful intent. During one of these tests the Earth people revealed Arcturus's connection to the rebellion (though such was not their intent at the time). The rebels it turned out had arranged to have Arcturus returned to power. With this revealed Riegel was able to stop the rebellion and maintain his influence over Mars. He came to appreciate the arrival of Humans as without them he would no longer be the royal leader. When Cassiopea requested to travel to Earth with the Earth people he granted her wish.

Aftermath Edit

Cassiopea's arrival on Earth and her stay was seen as a goodwill mission. On Earth she learned of racing and brought the sport back with her to Mars. The prospect of beating a member of the royal family in a race has become distraction enough for the citizens of Mars and a great track has been built for the races. In time Mars was able to compete with other worlds in a grand tournament. Martian fascination with sports grew to the point of Martians participating as members of the Intergalactic Soccer Team (LEGO Soccer Mania 2002).

Government Edit

The Martians are governed by royalty with their current leader being Riegel. This monarch governs with absolute power. It is unknown how Mars was governed prior to Riegel's reign.

Diet Edit

It's stated that Riegel's favorite food is a type of slug, and Antareas favorite food are vegetable cubes. This is the only information we have on the Martian diet.

Technology Edit

"They use their advanced technology to protect their planet." - LEGO Mania Magazine January-Febuary 2001

Compared to the Earthling explorers Mars has a greater level of armaments. Mechs, ships, and hover craft. Which makes sense as they where in the middle of a civil war when Humans arrived. Their most notable tech is the 'Aero Tube' network, a system of Pneumatic tubes allowing Martians to travel quickly from one part of a base to another. Such was invented by the Martian Antares. Another technology of note are Rejuvenation Chambers which seem to have taken the place of natural sleep on Mars.

Appearances Edit

  • LEGO Life on Mars (2001-02) (First Appearances)
  • LEGO Racer 2 (2001)
  • LEGO 5784 Soccer Mania (2002)
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