The Martians, also known as Native Martians, are a species from Mars.

They once owned the land and the Buggalo, but sold it to the Wongs for a gigantic diamond which they assumed was a worthless bead. They tried to steal the Buggalo and get their land back, until they found out they hadn't been screwed over after all and the diamond made them exceptionally wealthy. After this realization, they left to find a new home, dismissing Mars as a dump. The Martians often protest that their ancestors' bones aren't treated with respect.


Martians are bipedal humanoids, often standing at the same height as an adult human, if not slightly taller. They are generally hairless, and possess dull greyish-green skin of various tones, and three-fingered hands. Martians possess fin-like structures on their heads, which vary in length and number between individuals.

Racial Abilities

Members of this species can cause storms by chanting, and are able to make the Buggalos fly.

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