Morta flying disc man from mars 1950 republic serial

The Martians of Flying Disc Man from Mars, a Republic Pictures serial from the year 1950, are concerned by Earth's development of Atomic weaponry. They decide that it'll be safer and beneficial for Earth and Mars if Martians are in charge. Thus the warlord Morta travels to Earth in a flying disc to conquer the planet however he's shot down by a private pilot working security for an Atomic power plant. Morta proceeds to blackmail a Dr. Bryant, a former Nazi, into assisting Morta in taking over the Earth with Dr. Bryant's experimental ray guns. To obtain the resource for the building of these weapons in mass Morta employs various criminals to obtain the material. The Martian's plans are foiled by the same private security man who shot Morta's flying disc down.

Notes Edit

  • The 12 chapters of the serial where spliced together and re-released as a feature length Republic Pictures film titled Missile Monsters on March 28, 1958. Eight years after the serials initial release on October 25, 1950.
  • The prop used for the Martian Flying Disc was previously used as the Japanese built warplane, 'The Falcon', in the 1942 serial King of the Mounties. The Japanese logo is still visible on the side of the Flying Disc but is used to represent the radiant glory of the red planet Mars rather then the rising sun.
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