Commander Nyah, a.k.a. the Devil Girl from Mars

Martians are a humanoid race presumably reproductively compatible with Humans.


Mars during its recent past emancipated woman, which led to an open power struggle between males and females which escalated into open war, with women emerging the victors. However the male population began to grow impotent resulting in a decrease in the population's birth rate. To remedy this the Martian government decided to send a vessel to acquire males from Earth in hopes that Earthmen will revive the population's birth rate.

The first mission to Earth takes place under the command of Nyah, whose target is London, but she's forced to land in the Scottish moors. When negotiation and then intimidation fails to get any of the locals to board her ship she resorts to trickery and force. In the end her vessel is sabotaged by the only volunteer who hopes that other Martians will not come to Earth seeking mates should Nyah fail. Her vessel crashes down to Earth as a result of the sabotage, killing Nyah and the volunteer.


If Nyah is any indication, Martians are 'feme-fascists' if such a term is applicable. Her speech shows indication of what Earthlings would call 'Neo-Nazism' with traces of 'female supremacy' thrown into the ideology. Nyah can be described as a classic dominatrix and comes from the military side of Martian culture.


The Martians possess robotic technology and ray guns with two settings: kill or paralyze. Martians travel via flying saucers. They also possess regenerating organic armor from which the Martian saucer is built. They have been unable to use this technology for cloning or other forms of artificial reproduction.

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