The Martians are a sapient species native to the planet Mars in the Sol System.


Martians are furry, soft-eyed creatures. Although they're confirmed to have brains, it's implied that their neural structure is considerably different from that of Humans.

Culture and societyEdit

Martian civilization has flourished in ways that differ strongly from all known Human cultures. There are fields of knowledge that the Martians have developed greatly from the beginning of their history, and which Humans barely ever thought of, and vice-versa. Perhaps the most notable example of this is philosophy, which on Mars has developed itself as a practical, applicable hard science.

On the other hand, their medicine has always been crude whereas Humans have been dedicating themselves to the medical practice since paleolithic times. The great Martian philosopher Juwain has speculated that Martians supplied the need of medicine with a "cult of fatalism".


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  • In spite of similarities, this species is probably distinct from the Martian Venerables from Simak's "Seven Came Back". Although both species are short and furry, the Venerables have been hunted to near-extinction by Humans whereas the Martians of Juwain's race are allies of humanity. However, it remains possible that the two might perhaps represent different nations or ethnic groups within the same species.
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