Martians, also known as Elders, are an extinct species of sapient avians from the Milky Way galaxy. They were an advanced species that had colonized many planets in the galaxy. It's unknown what planet they ware originally native to.

Culture and societyEdit

Known planets inhabited by Martians include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Earth (Sol System)
  • Harlan's World (Harlan's System)
  • Hun Home
  • Mars (Sol System)
  • New Kanagawa
  • Sanction V (Sanction System)
  • Sharya

Appearances Edit

  • Altered Carbon, by Richard K. Morgan (2002) (Mentioned only)
  • Broken Angels, by Richard K. Morgan (2003)
  • Woken Furies, by Richard K. Morgan (2005) (Mentioned only)
  • Altered Carbon (2018-present)

Gallery Edit


  • This species was created by Richard K. Morgan for his 2002 Takeshi Kovacs book trilogy that includes Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies. Later they also appeared in the 2018 TV series Altered Carbon.
    • The novels and the TV series present two different continuities and narratives.
    • The term "Elders" is used only in the TV series.
  • In the TV series, Harlan's World is presented as their homeworld while in the books it was stated that it was only one of their colonies.
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