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Maronians are an alien species from the Keroro Gunso series. Maronian used to be invaders a long time ago, but has stopped. Keronians learn about them in history class. Maronians take over planets by marrying a female native then flooding the planet until it is fully covered in water.

Currently, the only Maronians known are Meru and Maru, appearing on the second Keroro Gunso Super Movie, and Miroro, introduced volume 20 of the manga.


Maronians are almost like Keronians. They are sea lizard-like creatures. They wear helmets instead of caps with large horns on their heads and their eyes are robotic looking and more anime-like.

Sexual Dimorphism[]

The female Maronians have lighter colored skin than the male and a short lump-like horn on their heads while the male is longer and pointed. They also features hat flaps on their helmets, similar to Keronians. The female's eyes are slightly slanted and cat-like. The helmet point on top of the female's mouth and a point behind the horn on their helmets are curve while the male are also pointed, there are rare Maronians not to feature a dorsal-like fins on their wrists and limbs, like Miroro. Unlike Keronian's emblems, which are pins on their caps, their emblem on their helmets are made of carved crystals and jewels and attached them to it, this is the reason why it looks very shiny. Female Maronians are seen wearing a long sleeveless dress with an emblem they possessed.


They are skilled swimmers and breathe in underwater like the Keronians, and ability to hover in the air


Meru, a male Maronian


Maru, a female Maronian


Miroro, a female Maronian

Planet Maron

Planet Maron