Alien Species

The Marmosians are territorial insect-like creatures from the inner world of a hot sun. Their mating pheromones evolved into a general purpose array of complex mood-altering scent molecules that allow them to manipulate the base emotions of other creatures.

They learned to use the predators of their world to protect their territories, and they tend to repel attacks by causing their enemies to fight each other. They are intellectually active but physically lazy, preferring to rely on the efforts of those they control.

Starting Narrative[]

Your species and your planet need relief from the endless territorial bickering that have kept your home world in a state of pandemonium for as long as Marmosian history records.
You must accomplish the daunting task of uniting the Marmosians for the first time in their history. The alternative is stagnation and a gradual decline into extinction. You must provide them a common purpose and a new beginning. The only answer is to find new homes on other planets, to leave the legacy of your home planet behind.

Special Ability[]

Hostility Diverters: The Marmosians can create hatred. You can cause alien species to strongly dislike any species at war with you.